Can't open some of my projects

Principle Version: 5.7
macOS Version: 10.14.4
Sketch Version: -

I can’t open some of my projects and this happened after last update from principle. When I try to do so, only thing I get is an empty lagged Principle window. I can interact with it…more or less…but I can see nothing, including UI elements.
Same thing also happened to a new project. Only thing that came to my mind is the number of transitions and maybe a file size as the things that affected project file in a negative way.

Can you try holding shift while clicking on the Principle Application. This will cause it to launch without reopening the files it had open. If that works, then the problem may be that the files are too big or are corrupted.

Tried to do this - no results.

I’m getting empty editor window.

But, if I drop one of those projects as component into another - it becomes visible and is working in preview. Also I can save and then reopen this new project, but I still can’t open the component for editing…well…once in a blue moon I was able to open it up and even work with it.

Only thing that I can add is that project got broken after I added all transitions/events.
It is around 15 components on one artboard, and all of them are firing and getting around 2 transition/event calls.

so you are able to start a new Principle project? it just is a problem trying to edit some specific files? Could you share a link to the problematic file? if you dont want to share it here, you can send a link here:

This is a bug that Apple introduced in macOS 10.14.4. It is affecting many apps. We will need to wait for Apple to fix it.

Well…that…that’s not great, but thanks for info.

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