Can't import via Figma

Yesterday everything was working as expected and today I open Principle and can’t sync files. It gives me : Change selected layer in figma to import using figma account :myemail: but I am using that email and I’ve logged out of web, and just logged into that email and workspace same as the desktop app and the problem still resists.

Principle: Version 6.17 (6021)
Figma: version 114.6.1

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Have the same issue, would to like to know how to fix this

I looked into this and it’s issue on Figma’s end - Figma is erroneously telling Principle that nothing is selected. Unfortunately there isn’t anything I can do except let Figma engineering know about the bug. I have already contacted them and am providing all the information I can to them so they can resolve the issue quickly.

Feel free to reach out to or @figma to let them know that the endpoint is buggy for you. The more people that mention it to them, the higher they will prioritize fixing it.

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Good news! Figma’s servers are operational now and you can import from Figma again!