Cant get values of my knob drag to stay when i touch up

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Principle Version:5.3
macOS Version:10.13.16
Sketch Version: 53.2
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Sooo I have a knob and an indicator modal that I want to animate. The idea is when you touch down the modal appears and as you turn the knob the values on the modal change with the knob drag. I have this working fine within a component and drivers. My issue is that i dont know how to assign a touch up that only makes the modal go away (opacity to 0) but leaves the knob turn parameters where you stopped dragging. I have it set with a touch up to return to the first screen, I tried freezing the animations of all the knob turns but that doesnt seem to do anything. Thoughts on how to make this work? I feel like I am just missing something simple. Thx in advance.

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Whatever you’re driving while the knob is dragged will need to be frozen in order for the values to stick around after touch up. if the drivers are on both artboards then you will also need too freeze the property that is driving everything else, otherwise it’ll just reset everything on touch up.