Auto transition with 0.00s duration (aka jump cut edit) not working in 6.24

macOS Version: Monterey 12.6
Principle Version: 6.24

When I set a transition between to states to “auto” and make the keyframe values 0:00 I’m still getting a brief pause before the transition happens (basically I want a “jump cut” edit where there is no transition between the 2 states). I had this working in previous versions of Principle but updating to 6.24 (or maybe slightly older versions) introduced this weird time padding (~1s) to 0:00s transitions… I tried making the duration 0:01 but still getting the 1s gap regardless of keyframe duration.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • create a transition between 2 states
  • set the transition to “auto”
  • tap on transition noodle to pull up timeline/keyframes
  • reduce transition time to 0:00 (slide the right keyframe so that it overlaps with the left keyframe)
  • transition should occur instantly (“jump cut edit”) but instead there’s ~1s. transition duration that occurs

In other prototyping platforms I’ve used, this problem was solved by introducing an “instant” transition option which always makes the transition from state 1 to state 2 happen instantly


I just created this file and am not seeing a delay.
instant jump.prd (8.3 KB)

Since it may be an issue with your specific file, could you post it here? Please delete all artboards except the 2 that the transition is between to make it easier to see the issue

@tonio Are you still having this issue? If so, i’d love to get it fixed for you and will need a .prd file to do look into it.

@Daniel thanks for reaching out and sorry for the delay… Thanksgiving holiday sorta got in the way. Trying to upload a .prd but keep getting the “new users can’t upload” error.

you should be able to upload now, or you can post a link to the file in dropbox or google drive.