Auto transition with 0.00s duration (aka jump cut edit) not working in 6.24

macOS Version: Monterey 12.6
Principle Version: 6.24

When I set a transition between to states to “auto” and make the keyframe values 0:00 I’m still getting a brief pause before the transition happens (basically I want a “jump cut” edit where there is no transition between the 2 states). I had this working in previous versions of Principle but updating to 6.24 (or maybe slightly older versions) introduced this weird time padding (~1s) to 0:00s transitions… I tried making the duration 0:01 but still getting the 1s gap regardless of keyframe duration.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • create a transition between 2 states
  • set the transition to “auto”
  • tap on transition noodle to pull up timeline/keyframes
  • reduce transition time to 0:00 (slide the right keyframe so that it overlaps with the left keyframe)
  • transition should occur instantly (“jump cut edit”) but instead there’s ~1s. transition duration that occurs

In other prototyping platforms I’ve used, this problem was solved by introducing an “instant” transition option which always makes the transition from state 1 to state 2 happen instantly


I just created this file and am not seeing a delay.
instant jump.prd (8.3 KB)

Since it may be an issue with your specific file, could you post it here? Please delete all artboards except the 2 that the transition is between to make it easier to see the issue

@tonio Are you still having this issue? If so, i’d love to get it fixed for you and will need a .prd file to do look into it.

@Daniel thanks for reaching out and sorry for the delay… Thanksgiving holiday sorta got in the way. Trying to upload a .prd but keep getting the “new users can’t upload” error.

you should be able to upload now, or you can post a link to the file in dropbox or google drive.

Thanks! I’ve simplified the file as much as possible but the problem I’m seeing is within a looping component so I’ve left that intact which should also be easier to preview (on hover). Once you’re in the file dive into “Group-apps” component. Once inside the problem area is Artboard 3, so when you hover over the preview and follow the green bounding box in comp (that mirrors the preview playback) it seems to get stuck even though transition from 03 - 04 (opacity) timing is set to 0:00. The effect I had previously achieved is for the 2 rectangles to smoothly “rotate” in front of one another before fading/looping so even the slightest pause breaks the illusion. :business_suit_levitating: If it helps at all, I hadn’t updated Principle for about a year and ran updates a few months ago which is when I noticed the kink, also checked and it affected other files containing that same animation. Cheers!
_bug_loading.prd (62.6 KB)

This is fixed in 6.26. Thanks for reporting it.

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