Auto Transition + Manual Override

Hi! I have a transition where tapping the element starts a short “loading” type animation (about 6 seconds). I also have this set where tapping this same element cancels the animation.

The problem arises when I tap the same element again, depending on how much time has elapsed. If I tap the animation again (before the initial 6 second animation completes) it seems to remember that this animation was happening and could potentially auto transition back to the begin state instantly, or 1-2 seconds after. The loader itself is spinning extremely fast, presumably trying to “catch up”.

Is there a way to do this where it effectively overrides the remaining time in the “auto” transition?

I’m not sure I understand the problem, mind sharing the file (or part of it) so we can help you better?

From your comments, what I’d do is to have a separate state within the spinner, and maybe on tap, send the spinner to that state in a different artboard. But not sure I got what you are trying to achieve.