Asterisk "*" vs "principle flatten"

Principle Version: 5.9 (5020)
macOS Version: MacOS Mojave 10.14.5
Sketch Version: 55.2

Description of what you need help with:

When getting things ready to export assets from Sketch into Principle, it is just very unproductive to be typing “principle flatten” at the end of several group/layers names that I want to be exported as one image. It also creates un-required wording to be exported into Zeplin later for devs.

It was really easy, fast and non-intrusive to only add a little “*”. Devs would even mind it.

Please bring this option back. It was a game changer for my experience.

Or at least make it optional, so that we can choose which one suits us better.


I want this reverted back to the single asterisk as well.