Any way to see asset list used in a project exported to web preview?

Principle Version: 6.8
macOS Version:
Description of what you need help with: Is there a way to see which assets are being used in a project that you’ve exported to web? I feel like I’ve deleted large images that I was previously using (and no longer need), and still have a large file size. Are images that have been dragged into the file and then deleted still included in the web preview?

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

.prd file link (we really need this to fix almost any problem):

There’s not currently a way to see what assets are being exported. If an image isn’t used anywhere, then the web export won’t include it. Most large share-to-web sizes are caused by videos. if you send me the .prd, I can take a look at what’s getting included to make sure everything is working as expected.

Ok got it, thanks! Good to know they aren’t included if not used.

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