3D Rotation feature

Principle is my go-to app when it comes to animating UI. I adore its simplicity and quite frankly functionality. The volume of what you can do for the time in this app given you only start with just a rectangle is astonishing. There’s just this one little teeny tiny but so important thing. Just one thing that still makes me go to AE or Flinto sometimes. 3D rotation.

What if there were two co-dependent angle controls that would add so so much value to this beautiful app.

I know there’s adjacencies like should the depth be adjustable too or should the back side be customizable. For me personally that doesn’t require any extra controls:

  • The default depth is fine given the average distance (informed by this study (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5349506/) people keep between their eyes and smartphones. Only in rare cases (likely unrelated to UI animation) would someone have to change it.
  • The back side of an object could just basically be another object that has the same rotation values in the transition.

My idea is here


So happy to see you around Yaroslav!

I agree, this tool is amazing and offers the most simple prototyping solution with the best learning curve of them all, but there’s certain features that are missing and start to feel like a must have, such as overrides (so you can reuse components to have multiple instances, 3D controls as you mentioned too, or the problem when importing components from Sketch, that breaks them down into layers (with the subsequently renaming nightmare that it means!)

Anyway, welcome and hope I can keep learning from you here too!

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That would be sweet! But seeing this 5 years after the request makes me wonder if it will ever happen.