Opening Principle via Safari doesn't work


It seems like you can’t open the Principle file when you click on “Open in Principle” via Safari.

I remember this was possible before but now when you click on “Open in Principle,” it opens up the Principle Mirroring app but the prototype doesn’t load.

It works if I do it via Chrome or if I download the Dropbox app. The verbiage seems different too. It seems to work when it says “Copy to Principle.” Is there a fix for this without having to use Chrome or download the Dropbox app?



That’s a bug in safari. From safari, You could share the file to another app like files, then share to Principle from there



Thanks for your reply. Do you know if this will be fixed in the future?



I assume that Apple will fix it at some point, but I do not have any additional information about it.



I feel it’s the developer’s responsibility to address and solve issues like this. Instead of being a bit dismissive if a direct fix is not possible due to a third party, probing around the exploration of possibilities and solutions would be beneficial.

It seems many of us are having a very difficult time getting prototypes to colleagues and stakeholders, as well as users for testing. And looking toward the future with something cloud-based and/or generating a unique link to the .prd seems worthwhile — yet at the same time we’re aware that invokes other dependencies such as embedded fonts should the assets not be imported from Figma/Sketch.

While sharing prototypes isn’t necessarily a ‘feature’ in the app and its creation of animations, it certainly is a significant part of the design process.