Make button do 2 things at once

I have a button component and on tap it goes to the next artboard, then that artboard needs to do 2 things: it needs to tell it’s parent to go to the next artboard and it needs to reset itself back to the first artboard. Image attached showing how it successfully goes to it’s parent, but how do I make it reset itself to Artboard 1


You might want to check this other post where I tackled the same issue. I hope it helps!


Thank you so much, however this actually does not solve this problem because two things happen when I try ‘touch begin + touch end’:

  • Scenario 1: touch begin goes to next button state and touch end goes to parent’s next artboard
    Results: touch end never fires.
  • Scenario 2: touch begin goes to parent’s next artboard and touch end goes to next button state
    Results: touch end never gets fired.

If you have more ideas, please share!!

I see the problem now, you can achieve this only using 2 artboards.

TouchBegins sends the message to the parent.

TouchEnds switches to pressed state, and an auto animation on pressed state sends back to normal state.

You can adjust the duration of the auto animation to decide how long the button remains in the pressed state.

Then from outside of the component, simply link the component message triggers to the next screen.

Here’s the final result.

Hope this helps!