Interactive dragger for slider


Have you searched the Docs and Knowledge base?
Principle Version:5.9
macOS Version:10.15
Sketch Version: 61
Description of what you need help with: interactive touch slider

Hey guys,

I am building a touch slider (green ghost rectangle) with an indicator (purple lines) for the direction of the movement. The slider changes the count while moving.

I did the draggable slider with the count with “drag” funciton. And the indicator for the direction with “scroll” function. You can see it some how in the attached file - but not working properly.

My aim is to create a touch slider with a draggable slider which changes the count, an indicator for directional changes and also hotspots on the rectangles to fake a sensitive touch.

I can create all three behaviors itself but can’t combine them.
Is there a way to connect something like “drag” with “scroll” function? Or has anyone another idea?

Find here the prd-files:


Screenshots/Sketch File/Principle file: (if applicable)



I have the same problem! Can’t find any solutions at all…



Not sure this is what you guys are after, but I gave this a try.


If you have any questions feel free to ask, just try to explain what you are trying to achieve, or share some design files so I can get a better understanding.

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